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Legal Services


We are a law company mainly specialising in Corporate Law, Tax Law, IT & Space Law, Data Protection, Employment Law, Probate & Succession as well as general contract matters.

Corporate and Commercial Law

We provide legal services for Companies and associates/shareholders at all stages of a Company’s existence: at incorporation or acquisition, corporate reorganization or company liquidation.

Tax Law

Our qualified tax lawyers / Fachanwälte für Steuerrecht can advise on most tax related matters both on a domestic and an international level. If required we file tax appeals, assist during tax field audits or undertake your legal representation before the Fiscal Courts in Germany.

Probate and Succession

With all Inheritance and Succession issues, there is a close relationship between legal and tax matters and we provide services to deal with both. Our objective is to help our clients make transfers of property and wealth successfully (avoiding conflict between beneficiaries) and in the most tax efficient manner possible.

Data Protection

We support companies in becoming and staying compliant with current data protection requirements as well as with their preparations for the additional requirements that will take effect in 2018 (due to the new General Data Protection Regulation). In addition, we have a long experience with acting for Software vendors and assisting them with licensing, maintenance and support services contracts and all legal matters relating thereto.

IT & Space Law

We provide legal services for software producers and IT service providers operating nationally or internationally. These services include Licence Law, Service Agreements (Hosted Services, SaaS) and Compliance. In addition our firm offers comprehensive legal assistance to the space sector (esp. Contract, Licensing, Intellectual Property, Data Protection, Compliance as well as registration and negotiation assistance).

Employment Law

In particular, we advise employers in all labour law and social security matters, e.g. the drafting of employment contracts under German law. Due to our international approach we can also give advice on the secondment of employees to other countries or from other countries to Germany (e.g. application for AÜG-license) and the resulting consequences under employment law, tax and social security (both for the employer and the employee). MHL-Law also offers full payroll services where required.

Other Legal Matters (contracts, litigation etc.)

Our services include the drafting of individually designed contracts and the giving of legal advice on all contract law matters. Where a dispute cannot be solved extrajudicially or through arbitration, our lawyers can look after your case and represent you before the German and Irish courts (i.e. before all Circuit, District and High Courts in Germany and Ireland, except the Supreme Court).

Irish / German Law

We have lawyers qualified within Irish and German law. This makes MHL-Law perfectly placed to deal with German-Irish legal queries, especially for individuals and businesses with interest in both jurisdictions.