Private Client Matters


Private clients often require advice on the correct tax treatment of foreign earnings. It is also important, whenever possible, to avoid double taxation.

MHL-Law works with private clients who have questions on foreign earnings (for example, resulting from the purchase, rental or sale of real estate abroad or from the foreign secondment of employees). We also give advice to our private clients in order to avoid double taxation, for example, where a relative living in Germany inherits assets in Ireland.

This field of work includes providing advice on the formalities surrounding the making and recognition of foreign last wills and testaments and other official documents, as well as advice on the tax impact of a planned relocation to another country. In consultation with our clients, we rely on our excellent network of advisors and other business partners in Ireland to serve the precise needs of each individual case. This means, for example, that we can provide support if you plan to buy or sell property in Ireland or if you are facing the prospect of legal action.